What's the best choice for securing administration workstations?

A PAM solution can be seen as a bastion host allowing to trace and monitor privileged users. It can also analyze data and behaviors in real time in order to detect suspicious or abnormal actions. However, it has several pitfalls. It is not necessarily up to date and, for administrators, it represents a constraint that is bypassed when they have the possibility to do so.

Discover in this document why Systancia Cleanroom, the only solution proposing a virtual, sterile and disposable administrator workstation, is much more than a classic bastion host.

Wie kann man das Desktop des IT-Administrators sichern?

How to protect the Administrator Workstation?

The administrator workstation is a strategic element of IT security. To what threats is it exposed? How to implement recommendations like separated work environements?


Healthcare : virtualised electronic patient record

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Education: Application Centralization and Desktop Virtualization for the education system

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3D apps run into virtualization

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