Nutanix & Systancia: integration of Nutanix Acropolis with AppliDis Fusion

Systancia was the first and only Nutanix partner to fully integrate the control of Acropolis. This means AppliDis Fusion 5 not only controls the VDI machines, it is also capable of provisioning these machines using the Acropolis hypervisor..

Better and faster management with the first fully HTML 5 console

AppliDis Fusion 5 offers a whole new administration experience and a unique, innovative interface. Its web-based console provides cutting-edge user experience and is the first to be fully HTML 5 based, bringing together ergonomics, power and simplicity. It gives administrators a 360° view of infrastructure, using advanced functionality such as alerts, filters and contextualised help to avoid getting lost in the details.

AppliDis BoxOnAir for a connected watch – Making mobility productive for your organisation

Access your applications, your virtual desktops from your watch, load them on any available devices so you can keep working on them.

Managing application servers farms without IT production outage with AppliDis Provision Server

AppliDis Provision Server, new functionality of AppliDis Fusion 5, helps cut down on low value-added tasks and move towards 100% operational uptime. Deployment and maintenance being effortless, AppliDis can manage farms of tens of servers just as well as it can hundreds.