Secure the administration network

Reconciling the ease of use of administration Information Systems with the maximum security required by regulatory obligations.

Centralizing all the data of organizations’ working environment, the Information System represents a vital asset. The administration network requires a maximum level of security and has a highly strategic character that must be mastered.

The administration IS exposed to cyber risks

The AIS (Administration IS) is exposed to a growing cyber risk from:

  • Internal threats such as mishandling and malevolence
  • External threats such as viral infection or other intrusions.

Because of these multiple risks, the administration of the Information System is more and more sensitive and the highest level of security is required.

Thus, the AIS must comply with three main security principles that are often difficult to implement :

Isolation of workstations

l’isolation des postes

Partitioning of the administration network

le cloisonnement du réseau d’administration

Privileged access management (PAM)

la gestion des accès à privilèges

Systancia and Bertin IT work together to meet the security challenges of administration information systems

Systancia feat BertinIT

In order to offer an operational solution aimed to ensure the administration of your IS in complete security, Systancia works in partnership with Bertin IT, a technology partner and software editor specializing in Cyber Security and Cyber Intelligence.

Systancia embeds Crossing from Bertin IT in its Cleanroom solution to create a unique product, Cleanroom Hawkeye. This product aims to simplify the AIS compliance with the ANSSI (National Cybersecurity Agency of France) standards while making administrators’ lives easier.

Crossing® is a CDS (Cross Domain Solution) appliance for securing exchanges between different criticality networks. Thus, it is possible to meet the AIS challenges, especially for the secure import of updates and export of logs.

Systancia Cleanroom aims to meet the ANSSI’s requirements regarding the separation of the administration workstation from the usual workstation. It is the only PAM product offering IS administrators (or privileged users) a sterile, disposable workstation for the administration of all resources, on-premise or in the cloud. This solution goes far beyond the traditional bastion.


Systancia Cleanroom Hawkeye, a unique solution on the market for an optimal level of AIS security

Cleanroom Hawkeye

Compliance requirements and high levels of security often come at the expense of the user experience. Administrators have to perform a wide range of actions on information systems, such as managing their upgrade. What is the most efficient and secure way to update an editor that he has downloaded from the Internet? Cleanroom Hawkeye is the only solution on the market that allows to reconcile the ease of use with the maximum security required by regulatory obligations:

  • To meet business or regulatory demands, organizations often have to integrate solutions from different vendors, with the risk of inconsistency and difficulty in maintaining the whole system. Systancia Cleanroom Hawkeye is a global solution, directly operational to respond in a unique way to a complex demand.
  • For interactions between an exchange system, dedicated administration workstations and privileged access management, Systancia Cleanroom Hawkeye offers a very competitive total operating cost.

Systancia Cleanroom Hawkeye is designed to natively meet security and compliance requirements such as the ANSSI PA-022 recommendations, thereby reducing stress related to audits.