Guarantee the user's identity in real time

Behavioral biometrics and artificial intelligence algorithms for continuous authentication to ensure that, for the duration of the session, the person behind the screen is the one who logged in.

Today, basic user authentication techniques are not powerful enough to guarantee the security of information systems.
The development of multi-factor authentication has allowed us to guarantee the identity of the user logging on. But once logged in, what guarantees that it is the same user, who is behind the screen, the mouse, the keyboard? Especially when this person is a teleworker or on-call employee, or a service provider working remotely. Guaranteeing the identity of the user behind the screen is all the more important if he is a privileged user.

Systancia Cleanroom Authograph – Continuous authentication of privileged users

It is more difficult to imitate the mouse or keyboard behavior of another user than to capture and use their password. This is why Systancia Cleanroom Authograph, a continuous authentication solution integrated with Systancia Cleanroom (Privileged Access Management solution), relies on behavioral biometrics and artificial intelligence to permanently authenticate the user on the workstation.

Each user has a very particular way of using the keyboard and mouse. Systancia Cleanroom Authograph analyses these particularities and, thanks to its automatic learning algorithms, is able to calculate a behavioral print specific to each individual. The solution compares, in a way that is transparent to the user, the prints calculated by the user’s actions (mouse movements and keystrokes) with a reference print associated with the legitimate user. This comparison allows to provide a confidence (or suspicion) index which, in case of doubt about the user’s identity, allows to force the application of rules based on the value of this index: it can be a request for re-authentication in case of moderate doubt, a session block, or an alert to the supervisor in case of a higher index of suspicion of identity theft.

Why deploy Systancia Cleanroom Authograph?


Eliminate the risks associated with the use of passwords

By guaranteeing that the person behind the screen is still the one who logged in.


Avoid identity theft

Especially in case of telecommuting, on-call or outsourcing: guarantee that it is a known, identified, certified person who accesses the most critical IT assets.


Improve both IS security and user experience

The analysis of the administrator’s activity is transparent and does not disrupt his actions.


React much faster and more efficiently

By acting before the threat materializes: AI can detect weak but threatening signals.


Protect data

No data protection without access protection. And access starts with the authentication of the user.