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Private network access solution “zero-trust” certified by ANSSI (National Cybersecurity Agency of France)

Systancia Gate, high-security access portal to all your applications, on premise or cloud

Systancia Gate, formerly IPdiva Secure, is a cybersecurity solution which provides ultra-secured access to corporate resources and applications for any type of remote user (roaming users, teleworkers, third party service providers, etc.). It is the only solution in the market awarded at the so-called “Elementary-Qualification” level by the ANSSI (French National Cybersecurity Agency) in the identification, authentication and access control segment. With a unique access architecture not needing an open port to the IT system, Systancia Gate is mostly used by enterprises and service providers for a secure extranet access to corporate managed applications.


We wanted to be able to manage external access to the information system while avoiding the risks associated with VPN. With Systancia Gate, which is a zero-trust solution, we are more confident about the access context, especially for connections from China to our stores : we can check the workstation accessing the information system and have a granularity in access management by deciding to open certain applications to certain people instead of opening the entire network. Clément Cesneut – Infrastructure & Security Manager – Beaumanoir Group

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Zero trust private network access solution


Controlled and selective access to IS resources


Enhanced security of mobile devices (Active Sync) & OTP authentication


Installation according to best security practices


Adaptive authentication features

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