Security of administrator desktops

Sterile and disposable virtual desktop for the administration of all your resources, on premise or cloud

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Systancia’s solution offers all the classic features of bastion hosts, which are always more or less the same. The difference, however, is precisely the Cleanroom element - the only solution that solves the usurpation of administration rights issue.

Yann Renaud - Head of Cross-functional Projects, Architecture and IT Security

General Hospital of Jury

IPdiva Safe, now Systancia Cleanroom, is indispensable, I can not do without it. In case of sensitive intervention, I can visualize the session on one of my screens and watch it from the corner of my eye. Service providers know their sessions are recorded, therefore they accept the fact that it is also safe for them.

Stéphane Wicker - CIO
Logo A2COM
Health Private


Systancia Cleanroom is not only a key element in our process of obtaining ISO 27001 and HDS certifications, it also allows us to monitor all administrative actions and thus ensures that there are no data leaks, which can be extremely damaging in the health sector where data is sensitive by its very nature.

Christophe Le Lostec - CIO