Security of administrator desktops

Sterile and disposable virtual desktop for the administration of all your resources, on premise or cloud

Systancia Cleanroom - The only virtual administration workstation, sterile and disposable

Systancia Cleanroom, formerly IPdiva Cleanroom, provides another approach to PAM, a modern defense system with the only sterile and disposable virtual administration workstation that goes far beyond the traditional bastion host. Systancia Cleanroom provides solutions to recommendations and problems not covered by other PAM solutions.

Systancia’s solution offers all the classic features of bastion hosts, which are always more or less the same. The difference, however, is precisely the Cleanroom element – the only solution that solves the usurpation of administration rights issue.
Yann Renaud - Head of Cross-functional Projects, Architecture and IT Security at Klesia
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Discover the features that led our customers to choose Systancia Cleanroom


Virtualized Desktop or application administration and isolated, protected, temporary workstation


Controlled access to all applications and resources (on-premise, cloud)


Vault, rotation and opaque passwords


Video recording of sessions


Search for a specific action among all recorded sessions


Auditability and traceability


Outsourcing, third-party maintenance: Sealing/isolation between the different managed clients


Mobility / Home office / On-call: Secure remote private access with an access portal to the cleanroom

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Discover in this document why Systancia Cleanroom, the only solution proposing a virtual, sterile and disposable administrator workstation, is much more than a classic bastion host.

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