Modernization and replacement

Regardless of whether it is a matter of guaranteeing IT security, optimizing the work experience or simplifying application management, companies and organizations may need to modernize and replace their obsolete IT solutions which no longer provide the innovations required to meet the challenges of digital inclusion.


Replace the virtualization solution


Alternative to VPN


Modernize access to applications

Replace the virtualization solution

The use of application and desktop virtualization solutions has spread to companies and organizations. The economic and technical advantages of these solutions are well proven: easier application availability, lower operating costs and maintenance… However, not all the solutions are equal in terms of innovation, ease of implementation and administration. With the evolution of an organization, the information system must evolve and, as a consequence, its virtualization solution.


Optimize the costs/profit ratio


Simplify application virtualization


Improve the user experience

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Immediate access to your virtual desktop and all your applications, on premise or cloud.

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Petit Forestier, the European leader in refrigeration logistics rental, initially chose Citrix for a desktop and application virtualization project, but the solution was considered to be too expensive and complex. The group looked for an alternative for its 2,000 workstations spread over 237 sites in France and Europe.

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Alternative to VPN

With the increasing number of mobile uses, it has become important for organizations to be able to guarantee selective access “on demand” to the company’s internal resources (applications or network), anywhere, for any type of system and to any type of user, internal or external. ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) solutions perfectly meet these challenges: they have the same functions as a traditional VPN but will bring additional benefits in terms of user experience, agility, adaptability and simplicity of rule management.


A unique solution providing controlled and selective access based on profiles


Traceability of access to the IS


Increased protection against attacks

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The high-security access portal to all your applications, on premise or cloud.

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The IT department of the “École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs” had to manually manage the remote access of IT service providers who accessed the IS on a daily basis. They wanted to simplify this management in complete security and, at the same time, students and teachers expressed more and more the need to access their data storage space from outside the school premises.

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Modernize access to applications

When a solution is no longer supported, companies and organizations may be forced to change the access solution to applications in order to guarantee optimal ergonomics for users during their work. Similarly, some solutions may no longer be considered appropriate to an organization needs to provide the best access experience to users or may no longer meet the security requirements of the ISD.


Guarantee optimal ergonomics for users


Make IS access more secure


Promote security policy without seeing it as a constraint

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Transparent authentication, in all its forms, to all your applications, on premise or cloud

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As part of its master plan, the IT department of the “CHM de Saint-Lô” has decided to implement identity and access management solutions that simplify access to the IS for agents. All this in order to facilitate their mobility and also to generalize nominative access to the IS; the elimination of generic accounts to improve the traceability of access and, consequently, the security of access to the IS.

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