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75% of university healthcare centres have chosen Systancia solutions

Systancia assists the largest European hospitals with their virtualization, cybersecurity and digital confidence projects

Flexible and mobile access within and outside hospital groups

AppliDis Fusion, the solution for the virtualization of applications and workstations, allows flexible access to applications both within and outside hospital groups


Immediate availability of patient records and professional applications from any workstation and/or site of the hospital group


Kiosks and mobile sessions allow healthcare personnel to overcome the constraints of fixed workstations


Takes charge of all cases of printing in a centralized environment and in particular birth bracelets, patient labels, etc.

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With the AppliDis solution, we use a simple and intuitive administration console which facilitates the supervision of our infrastructure and ensures optimal use of our application base from any workstation

Christian Gleyroux - Infrastructure Manager - CHU Toulouse
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Give access to the IT system of your hospital in total security

The IPdiva Secure and IPdiva Safe solutions ensure secure access from outside the hospital IT system and allows real-time monitoring of actions taken to prevent malicious acts


Selective and controlled external access to the IT system of the hospital centre for on-call personnel, GPs, EPHADs (French medically-equipped care homes for the aged), IT service providers, etc


Monitoring of power users with access to the IT system allowing suspicious behaviour to be detected in real time and cyber threats to be contained


Enables compliance with the directive of the DSSIS with regard to the management of differentiated users

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Simplify the management of identities and authorizations of healthcare and administrative personnel while strengthening access control

Avencis SSOX, the SSO and strong authentication solution and Avencis Hpliance, the solution for managing identities (IAM), allow the control of connections to be strengthened while facilitating access to applications and the management of authorisations


Simplification and standardisation of access control (SSO) to applications with strong authentication features using CPS cards


Management of identities and rights securely facilitated especially for interns and external workers…


Compliance with all PGSSIS directives for the management of authorizations and identities

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