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New generation of infrastructure for the delivery of applications

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Systancia offers a new generation of infrastructure for the delivery of applications  based on the security of users and focused around three pillars:

  • Virtualisation: virtualisation of applications and workstations (VDI);
  • Cybersecurity: Identification, authentication and control of access, monitoring of power users (PAM);
  • Digital trust: Unified authentication (SSO), management of identities and authorizations (IAM).

Virtualization of applications and workstations

As a solution for the virtualization of applications and workstations, AppliDis makes all applications and workstations available with the best performance and at the lowest cost.

Securing external access to the IT system

Systancia offers solutions for controlling external access to the IT system and monitoring of power users:
• The only solution certified by the ANSSI in the technical field of "Identification, authentication, access control", IPdiva Secure allows access to be given to selected resources of the IT system.
• IPdiva Safe allows monitoring of power users and real-time detection of suspicious or abnormal behaviour in order to contain threats.

Authentication and identity management

In terms of digital trust, Systancia offers solutions for strong and unified authentication (SSO) and the management of user identities and authorizations:
• Avencis SSOX, the France Cybersecurity labelled solution, allows the security of connections to be strengthened while simplifying user access to applications;
• Avencis Hpliance, the IAM solution, defines and centralizes the management of user identities and authorizations.

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