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Customer Support division

With Systancia’s maintenance and expertise contracts (CACID), benefit from expertise and personalized assistance 24/7

3 levels of Systancia contracts to deal with all our customers’ requirements and issues


Maintenance contract

A contract to cover the corrective and ongoing maintenance needs of your Systancia products


Expertise contract (CACID)

Direct access to telephone support for advice, assistance and expertise regarding the operation of your Systancia products


Systancia 24/7 Services Contract

Dedicated 24/7 access to Systancia Support Experts to guarantee an optimal level of performance and high reliability of your Systancia infrastructures

As support expert, our job is to support our customers on a daily basis in order to optimise the performance of their infrastructures. We are proud that the latest study carried out among the 50 principal customers of Customer Support showed that 98% of customers are satisfied with the services provided and with the quality of the relationship with the Customer Support team.

Gabriel - Systancia Support Expert

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