Management of work environments in a heterogeneous context

Provide access to applications independent of the operating systems and devices used by an organization’s employees.

Today, IT departments must manage the rapid and asynchronous evolution of various technological components such as server OSes, applications and workstations. Thus, server OSes run at a different speed compared to business applications (asynchronous with each other), which run at a different speed from the client devices OSes characterized by an ever-increasing diversity and uses. The challenge is therefore to make access to applications independent of these heterogeneous systems. For example, to be able to provide access to old business applications on new generation workstations or to install a new application on an old workstation deployment that would be expensive to renew.
The virtualization of applications or desktops considerably simplifies the daily provision, management and evolution of applications on the IS: the installation and maintenance of applications is done on the reference machine and is redeployed from this machine.


Centralized application management


Quick application deployment


Simplified application maintenance

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Immediate access to your virtual desktop and all your applications, on premise or cloud.

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The CAT Group

The CAT Group is the European leader in Vehicle Logistics, an activity for which the IT department must be highly responsive every day. Therefore, the ISD wanted to implement a virtualization solution that would provide applications extremely fast. The maintenance of this solution should also be simple, without requiring too specific administration skills.

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