Data protection and leakage prevention

Due to the growing amount of data within companies and organizations, and the fact that these data are sometimes sensitive, it is essential to protect them against any potentially devastating risk of leakage, as we are reminded daily by the press.


Post-audit trauma or data leakage


Sensitive data protection

Post-audit trauma or data leakage

An audit revealing risks to IS security or a proven data leakage is like an electroshock for IS security managers. To manage digital risks, deal with the proliferation of security threats and handle with confidence the increase in the number of applications to administer, a sterile disposable virtual administration workstation seems to be the most secure approach, especially when compared to traditional bastion solutions that can be bypassed and are therefore no longer sufficient.


Avoid any risk of usurpation of rights


Meet the highest levels of compliance (ANSSI) requirements


Secure the internal or external administration workstation

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The sterile and disposable virtual desktop for the administration of all your resources, on premise or cloud.

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White Paper - How to protect the administrator workstation?

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Administrators’ workstations are strategic elements when it comes to IS security. To which threats are they exposed? How to implement the ANSSI’s recommendations, particularly in terms of separating work environments?
This white paper shows you how to protect and control IT administrators’ work environments.

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Sensitive data protection

The protection of sensitive data has become a central issue for companies and organizations. Data, be it is personal, financial, medical or strategic, is essential to their proper operation and must be protected. Otherwise, it may be disclosed and harm the organization that owns the information. This protection requires, in particular, a precise identity and authorization management and a simple and secure authentication to applications for users.


Comply with regulatory obligations


Track actions with registered IS access


Simplify and secure staff mobility

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Powerful management of your entire ecosystem’s identities and authorizations for all your applications, on premise or cloud.

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Transparent authentication, in all its forms, to all your applications, on premise or cloud.

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Blog - I LOVE GDPR ♥

The main objective of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations), which became applicable for all European Union countries in 2018, is to standardize the protection of individuals’ personal data. Identity Access Management (IAM) solutions help companies and organizations to implement the GDPR.

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