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SSO authentication access control solution to make the access of applications simple and secure.

Systancia Access - Transparent authentication, in all forms, to all your applications, on premise or cloud

Systancia Access, formerly Avencis SSOX, a solution labelled France Cybersecurity, is an access control and single sign-on (SSO) solution that guarantees connection security while improving the user experience.

Systancia Access solution makes it possible to secure access to more than 45 applications, but also to pay for the dining room and trigger printing on multifunction copiers. It has also become a means of quick authentication on touch devices giving access to the patient records in the room.

Fabrice Breuille - CIO - Central Hospital of Saint-Lô and Coutances
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Multi-factor & multi-device strong authentication


Password vault with life cycle management


Identity federation feature


Regulatory compliance & ISSP (traceability)


Out of Band and Bluetooth authentication features

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