Agility of the IT department and autonomy of professions

Simplify and automate the management of identities and entitlements for greater business autonomy

An effective identity and authorization management requires a certain degree of autonomy of professions, which must be able to manage standard authorization allocation themselves in order to quickly guarantee the operational capability of a new employee, with automated exchanges between managers, operational departments, the IT department and users through a workflow process.


Simplify rights assignment processes without further development


Accelerate the operational capability of employees


Automate identity management

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Powerful management of your entire ecosystem’s identities and authorizations for all your applications, on premise or cloud

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The “Centre Hospitalier du Val d’Ariège” (CHIVA), the central institution of the “GHT Pyrénées Ariégeoises”, has deployed the Systancia Identity solution to facilitate the identity management of employees. The Human Resources Department manages the arrival of each new employee. As soon as the new employee is registered, Systancia Identity automatically assigns rights that are linked to his or her job. The accounts, email and access rights are automatically created by workflows. The process is faster and simpler, the new employee can immediately connect to the workstations and use his or her applications.

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